Sayuki Kuroda
Sayuki Kuroda
Kanji 黒田 砂雪
Romaji Kuroda Sayuki
Blood Type A
Birthdate July 26 (Leo)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Grey
Measurements B: 84 W: 57 H: 84
Height 163cm
Special Skill Three Dimensional Cube Arranging
Important Thing Family
Hated Thing Collusion
Favorite Food Coffee
Personal Status
Status Alive
Occupation High School Student
Relatives Iwao Kuroda (Brother)
First Appearance
Voice Actor
Japanese Haruka Chisuga

Sayuki Kuroda (黒田 砂雪, Kuroda Sayuki) is Buntarou's classmate and the president of Marketing Research Club.



Sayuki's animated appearance

Sayuki is a beautiful girl with white skin and black eyes. She has straight black hair that reaches below to her waist. She is also often seen wearing the school uniform with high socks.


Normally, Sayuki has a cool personality and she seems to prefer distancing herself from her classmates at the beginning of the story. According to Yuuka (in the visual novel), she is quite popular with the guys in the school but not really liked by the girls (excluding herself as she has stated that she actually quite like Sayuki). She can be very serious when it comes to otaku culture such as what she thinks about moe. She is also very knowledgeable when it comes to anime, manga and games due to her brother's influence since childhood. She seems to prioritize her family over almost everything else.



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  • Sayuki's favorite color is black.